Q: Is it true that since you've started a blog you'll become a Hipster like Aaron Newton?

A: No.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The older I get, the newer I feel.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that quote might sound dumb, but I really do feel that way. For the short 17 years that I've been alive, only a handful of those actually mean something. I mean let's be serious when your five you don't exactly have life changing thoughts. Like those thoughts that you have that just really make you rethink life. I've had that a lot lately. And all of my thoughts are provoked by some form of art. Books and Music. Not so much art art that you think of. But the number one thought provoker is books. I've resently been on a book reading frenzy. I really only read modern classic books. When I read/listen to something that makes me think, I think about that one quote/lyric for days.
The Bell Jar: This book is almost my life to the very point. Almost everything that Ester had gone through I could relate. I knew exactly what she was think and how she was thinking. I've felt the feelings she had. Ester loves baths. And I do too. We both forget the world in the tub. People used to make fun of me for how much I loved baths. But I didn't care. I can't even begin to say how much I feel like Ester Greenwood/Sylvia Plath. When I finished that book all of my memories from having clinical derpession came back. I literally went back to where I was before. But, it was beautiful. I know you're like, "Liz, WTF?" but it really was beautiful. That book moved me so much. It's probably a tie with my other favorite book. Which is...
The Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is adolesents. This is something that everyone goes through. The whole book is the story of everyones time during high school. It's beautifully written and it tells a true story. The main guys name is "Charlie" he doesn't actually tell you his real name because this is supposed to be like he is sending you these letters in person. It's like a diary. But there is this one phrase that has just stuck with me. "And in that moment, i swear we were infinite." I want to feel infinite. I want the joy of being able to feel like I could go on forever. I want simplicity. I want chaos. I want it all.
Lime Tree by Bright Eyes: This is my song. End of story. No not really end of story. But this song describes my life. Maybe two things are off, but everything else is there. The whole song makes me think. I only ever listen to this song what I feel like actually thinking. The way Conor (the singer) thinks is like the same way I think. I can't even express how much I love this song. It's my favorite song ever. Listen to it sometime. It's beautiful. But the quote that pretty much sums up my life is at the very end. "So pleased with a day dream/now livin's no good." Quote of my life. That whole song is just full of quotes that make me think. Seriously. This ain't no Taylor Swift bullshit.
Franny and Zooey: I think 99.9% of people (the 4 friends that read this) don't even know this book. It isn't popular. It's not a classic. but it is written by a well loved author (J.D. Salinger. I love this guy. A lot. I literally cried when he died my freshman year. Most people were like, "Who?" when i told them. IT'S THE DUDE WHO WROTE A CATHER IN THE RYE!) Anyway. (See what I did there?) When I first read this book I was like cool cool cool. Religion. (that's what it's about. But it's really good and interesting!) the whole thing makes you think about your religion and then in the middle Zooey (Zooey is a HE! Zooey is a nickname for Zachary. Also Zooey Deschanel was name after him! Cool right?) but he said something that really just hit me, "I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody." I'm the same way. I just can't be a nobody, I have to be great. And I wish I could just be a nobody. I really do. When I first read that quote I didn't even have to analyze it. I knew exactly what it meant, and that it would forever be a part of my life. I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

So those are only like 1/128468214 (not really) of my thoughts of what has really impacted my life. Maybe I'll make more if people want them. Also I barely went into detail on this one. If I did it would be very, very long. i missed some books and songs, but whatever. I'll be going then. I have APUSH. Damn you, American history for being so long!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Jenny Beckman. Bitch.

So since New Girl is close to starting (September 20th) I feel like I should do a blog on not only the star, but one of my all time idols. Zooey Deschanel.
     Everyone who knows me knows that I love Zooey. Some say it's an obsession, it may be. But I like her so much becuase I respect her SO MUCH. That's probably the main reason I love her so much. She's not a normal Hollywood star. She's not in it for the money, the fame, or any other reason people get into show biz. She's in it becuase she loves what she does. I know this for sure because I read so many interviews she's done. And everytime they ask her about her carrer she just says she does it for the fun. (She's just like Kevin Bacon. He says that too.) She just seems like a down to Earth, humble, happy person.
    Another reason I really like her is becuase she is so pretty. Sure, he may look like Katy Perry, but I love how Zooey looks better because in most of her pictures you can TELL it wasn't air brushed. She has very, very dark circles under her eyes (like me!) and more then half the time you see her, you see the dark cirlces! Like the picture above. And every picture I see of Katy Perry, she looks perfect, which I don't like. At all. (Sorry Brant)
     I also love how she's an old fashioned gal. She wears clothes just like I would wear if I didn't go to a dumb High School who comments on every little thing you wear. If I could go shopping with her it would be the best day of my life. Can you imagen shopping with someone who had your same taste and being someone who you respect so much? It would be so awesome. No joke it would be the best thing ever.
     I don't want this to be too long because it would get annoying not only for you, but for me. So I guess bottom line: I love/respect Zooey Deschanel. I love how she dresses, how she sings, and how she acts. If I could be her sister or something that would be awesome. Or even her friend. But I'll probably never see her and she's probably never see me. Awh well, so is the course of life. (OR maybe i'll go to a She & Him concert and see her AND M. Ward! Fingers crossed!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thing I Regret.

This blog Is about things I wish I regret (Obvi..) Because come on, who DOESN'T regret things. So I'm just gonna start this right up.

1. Dance. I miss dance. More then almost anything. When I was in dance class I loved it. It was one of the best things ever. BUT at the same time, I hated it. And that was one of the reasons I quit. But I wasn't a ballet girl (even though I was good), I wasn't jazz, I wasn't jazz or pom. I was tap. I was the tap QUEEN. I could do it all. I just wish I could have kept up with it.
      I still find myself dancing, everywhere. The people in Fall Play also know that I love to dance! And Spring Musical! I even make up dance numbers at home. But anyway, I just loved dance. And when my sister was a Raiderette, I wanted to be that too. But I just haven't gotten to it. And I most likely never will. But I can dream.
Then the next one... it's a factor to the no dance thing.

2. Weight. Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Liz, shut up, you're fine." "You don't need to lose weight" ect. ect. But I feel like I need too. It's a personal thing. I've never been thin. I've always been a little chunkin. I don't think I'm fat in anyway. I just think I need to lose SOME weight. One time I had a doctor tell me I was fat. And I wanted to be like "Bitch, it's 1, I just fuckin' ate. OF COURSE I'M FAT RIGHT NOW." But all I could say was, "Oh." Then I cried. THEN she yelled at me for not wearing a helmet when I rodemy bike. And I rode it like twice. It was a bad day. Hahaha. Also I'm short, I can't spred my weight like tall girls.. But yup, it's hard being my size and being next to my sister. She's flawless. But whenever I tell my sister that she always comes back with a positive comment for me. And it makes me feel great. But someday, I will be the weight I want to be. I know it.

3. Child Model. So, I'm not gonna toot my own horn, but I was a really cute baby/toddler. If I could have been able to think for myself at that age I'd be begging my mom to put me in the modeling business! I'd be like one of those little cataloge babies that you see! I wish I could have been that because then I could somehow have gotten connections into the fashion world. Which is were I almost see myself in the future. Not modeling. Oh hell no. But like writting about fashion. Like Nylon. I LOVE Nylon. Which reminds me, I need to get that soon. But I see myself there. Like in the Devil Wears Prada. I wanna be Miranda (Meryl Streep). But not mean... even though I know that I may have to be mean sometimes. I understand that. Which this leads back to child model. I should have been a child model. My mom now agrees and my sister totally agrees.

Well those are about the only BIG things taht I would really change. So I guess I will continue my rambling some other time (Monday during my stupid study hall or math.) So with that said. I'm done.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hipsters swap stories and pants sizes.

So I HATE my stupid study hall. It's so dumb. It's full of dumb freshman. And usually I dont mind freshman, I'm just kinda like whatever. But this class is full of the bad kind. Honestly. The kids in front of me are football players. Freshman Football Players. Go Baby Raiders. But they are just the typical dumb-ass, annoying as hell, LOUD, no nothing,- hold that thought. My study hall teacher (Bennie) just walked by and I changed the screen to Forever 21 (which is awesome) and RIGHT as i did that Forever 21 was convenletly advertising their bras and panties. He saw. We made eye contact. It was awkward. Now we just talked to me about clothes and school. KILL ME NOW.
    Anyways, back to how much (more) I hate my study hall. There are these freshman girls kinda close to me and two of them are okay, but the third one.. OH MY GOD. Can you say white-trash? Yup, that's her. All she does is talk about how much she hates everything. Like school, and homework, and how she hates the teacher... To his face. But the other day she was talking about how for breakfast she had: A Red Bull. Mountian Dew. Then finally, a Monster. How is she still alive? Let's call her Amber. It fits. Anyways, she literally just screamed "Bitch". And the teacher laughed. WHAT THE HELL, BENNIE? what.the.hell. Now she's all like blah blah blah "I ain't laud Teacher Guy!" Oh and she's "speaking" ("trying" to) French. It sounds terrible beyond belief. Oh, and she looks just like how you think she would. Dyed "Black" hair. pulled back in a ponytail with a dirty headband. Shitty Hollister shirt. And really bad make-up. I hate my fucking study hall, and people.
   On a positive note, yeah...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I'm lazy. Wanna fight about it? No. Anyways there's really nothing for me to say about blogging right now other then I'm totally going to Blog now during school. All the time. But i feel like not only and I going to rant about things at school, but I also feel like making lists is like the easiest/my thing to do. So i have a great list set up. This is how I see the people from Glee.

The Main Girl: I think her name is like Rachael? Which fits her, she is so God.Damn. generic. I just kinda see her as the girl that everyone knows/wants to bang. BUT she's all like ohhhh no I'm saving sex for marraige! But she's actually like a huge whore... with a good voice.

The Boy who I think said that Grilled Cheese-us thing?: Ladies love Jock Boy. Bottom line. I've seen like five episodes (plus them Live) and that's what I get from him. That boy goes pussy sailing. He's like the big football jock, but he has a soft side. Anyways, I feel like he keeps his love for singing on the DL. He's afraid of losing his daily supply of bitch. Oh also Hannah Wiley.

Gay Boy:  Now I like him. But he's steriotpyical gay boy. Loves shopping, gets picked on, hangs out MOSTLY with girls, and falls too easily. I do like his fashion thought... It's very nice for a boy. OH! He reminds me of my brother. I'm not saying Nate is gay! I'm saying that they both have a lot of talent and that they have a very nice fashion sense. and nice shoes.

The Asian Twins: In front of the camera they're perfect and lovely and full of Asian baby makin' fluids. But I feel like behind the scenes they're like always in cat fights. I don't know much about them... so...

BIG Black Girl: I love soul voice. So I love her. I even bought her shirt at Glee Live! So, I like her. I think she has a cars name.... so that's kinda a down fall...

The Whore: That one girl who got prego! I do know her! Dude, straight up whore. I really dont see anything awesome about her. other then she's totally bangin' that one fish mouth guy. Which I like him. But yeah...

Wheelchair: I like his character, BUT i dont like the guy who plays. When I say the Glee Project <3 he was on there and the ONLY reason he chose the girl was because he wanted to fuck her. LAME. Also he was totally filrting with her when they were "working" together alone.

Shoe Guy: that's the teacher who is like the best teacher you've ever had, but I feel like he has a really bad life. Honestly. His glee club are his best friends/kids and when he goes home nothing is going right for him. That's how I see him. Oh and the dumb girl totally wants to gte with him

Basically this show has a lot of sex in it, i guess?

P.S. I'm adding what I think the Glee Project new Characters will be:3

Damian<3: Cute new freshamn that everyone loves. He has nothing wrong with him other then he's shy and he has no confedience. Also he's pretty damn cute. And he is loved by all. Especially Hannah and me.

Samuel: BADDDDDD BOYYYYYY! With a soft side. He's the one that people can't seem to make friends because of what he looks like, but when someone does finally break the skin. They fall in love.

Punk Ass Bitch: 'Nuff said.

Alex: He WILL be in drag no doutb about it. But I like that, I feel like he will be BIG Black Girls best friend OR frienemey OR sister. One of those. But he/she will just be a big Diva who learns to love.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I've noticed in my LA experience.

This post is ALL about what I've noticed and seen in LA. Even though I've only been here for a short while I feel like i understand the WHOLE city.
     First thing I've noticed when I got to LA was that here I am a MINORITY. Isn't that crazy?! When I'd look out of my window all I saw where Korean and Hispanic people! I'm not gonna lie, I was REALLY uncomfortable and kinda scary at first. But now that I think about it, I feel like I'm a shiny Pokemon! Ya know those bastard Pokemon who you can NEVER find and are supposed to be like a different colors and better? Yeah, that's how I feel out here!
      The next thing is Scooters. Remember those things you always wanted for Christmas when you were like 7 and your parents were like, "Hell no, Little Peter." And then when you were 9 you asked again and they were still like, "Hell no, Average Sized Peter." Then Christmas morning you found one under the tree and you were like, "GOD DAMMIT! My own parents pulled the wool over my eyes!" but you didn't care, you had a poor man's skateboard. Those are totally hip here! I've seen at least 30 ! Make that 30+ I just heard like three go by. It's like Scooter Gang City here. It's awesome. I've told Caroline to get one, but she's not buyin' it... yet.
       The last thing for tonight (because I'm tar'd) is that everywhere you turn you're lookin' for some celebrity. Let's say you see a good looking white fellow with kind of a short hair cut. You'll be like, " OMG I JUST SAW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!" Then that same guy happens to turn around because he looks at some crazy man yelling next to you, "OMFG JT TOTALLY CHECKED ME OUT." *tweets about it* Then you see a black guy and you're like, "WILL SMITH!" But after awhile you figure out that celebrities are a myth just like a stable relationship on 16 12 & Pregnant.
    So that's what I've noticed on my LA adventure, I've seen more but these are the things that really popped out at me. Maybe I'll write the others later. Who knows. Until then, buy a cat.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Somthing I know that I will get bored with later on.

Blog, Blog, Blog.  I started a blog. (Obvi) but i don't really know what to write in it. I guess I'll just talk about the same shit I always talk to people about.
        First, you (if anyone will really read this) may be asking about "Hufflepuffin' around" My sister and I joke about my Harry Potter House all the time. (Hufflepuff, Go Badgers!) We joke about how most people in Hufflepuff are well...different. So we talk about Hufflepuffin' around! It's just like walkin' around. Jokin' around. stuff like that. I thought it was hilarious so I put it as the title.
   I don't know what to talk about so I'll start off the first post with 5 interesting facts about me. (I'm so original for doing this, not... Kill me now.)
       1. I have an unhealthy love for Kevin Bacon and Zooey Deschanel. Every time I see him somewhere I'm like, "I.LOVE.HIM." He is a fantastic actor and musician. (He's a musician, who knew! Well I do because I know a lot about him.) Best movie of his: Tremors, THEN Footloose. And then Zooey. First off, I had her hair style before here. I'M a real burnette, she's not. I had the hair FIRST. But I still love her with all of my heart... too much. Best movie: duh, 500 days.
      2. I don't wash my hair for a week at a time. It's true, but it's true because I CANNOT wash it more then once a week. I've tried washing my hair everyday before and my hair gets reallllly brittle and it frizzes and breaks and looses it's color and it's just no good. So once a week hair wash for me! NOTE: I take showers everyday, calm down.
     3. My two favorite show as of right now (until New Girl starts and that are still on the air, Arrested Development...) are The Glee Project and Bob's Burgers. Before you think, "WTF GLEE? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? I HATE GLEE SO NOW I HATE YOU." I just want to say I like the Glee PROJECT not so much GLEE. I've seen like four episodes of Glee and it just doesn't really entertain me, but I do like some of their voices, you cannot deny their talent. But I like the GP because it just looks like a lot of fun! And their voices are sooooo good. I wish I had a good voice.. And now Bob's Burgers. It's hilarious! I bet you haven't even heard of it! (I put on my Hipster glasses for that one.) It's just a witty cartoon about a family running a burger joint. I love it and quote it alllll the time.
    4. Cinnamon Rolls are gross.
    4 (and a half.) I'm really bad at blogs. I'm sorry this is dumb and whatever, but I promise they will be better! I just didn't know how to start it out!
    5. When I was little I had a huge crush on Luke Skywalker and all the little girls made fun of me because I liked him instead of a Disney prince. They used to make so much fun of me that I would go home and cry sometimes. That's when I decided to keep my love for things out of the norm to myself. That is until sophmore year! I like who I am now! And I'm going to keep liking whatever I want, no matter who you are. Because I'm Liz Johnson!
So that's it. I guess, I really do promise that the next ones will be A LOT better. So maybe keep reading when I post them?

Go do something awesome.