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Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I'm lazy. Wanna fight about it? No. Anyways there's really nothing for me to say about blogging right now other then I'm totally going to Blog now during school. All the time. But i feel like not only and I going to rant about things at school, but I also feel like making lists is like the easiest/my thing to do. So i have a great list set up. This is how I see the people from Glee.

The Main Girl: I think her name is like Rachael? Which fits her, she is so God.Damn. generic. I just kinda see her as the girl that everyone knows/wants to bang. BUT she's all like ohhhh no I'm saving sex for marraige! But she's actually like a huge whore... with a good voice.

The Boy who I think said that Grilled Cheese-us thing?: Ladies love Jock Boy. Bottom line. I've seen like five episodes (plus them Live) and that's what I get from him. That boy goes pussy sailing. He's like the big football jock, but he has a soft side. Anyways, I feel like he keeps his love for singing on the DL. He's afraid of losing his daily supply of bitch. Oh also Hannah Wiley.

Gay Boy:  Now I like him. But he's steriotpyical gay boy. Loves shopping, gets picked on, hangs out MOSTLY with girls, and falls too easily. I do like his fashion thought... It's very nice for a boy. OH! He reminds me of my brother. I'm not saying Nate is gay! I'm saying that they both have a lot of talent and that they have a very nice fashion sense. and nice shoes.

The Asian Twins: In front of the camera they're perfect and lovely and full of Asian baby makin' fluids. But I feel like behind the scenes they're like always in cat fights. I don't know much about them... so...

BIG Black Girl: I love soul voice. So I love her. I even bought her shirt at Glee Live! So, I like her. I think she has a cars name.... so that's kinda a down fall...

The Whore: That one girl who got prego! I do know her! Dude, straight up whore. I really dont see anything awesome about her. other then she's totally bangin' that one fish mouth guy. Which I like him. But yeah...

Wheelchair: I like his character, BUT i dont like the guy who plays. When I say the Glee Project <3 he was on there and the ONLY reason he chose the girl was because he wanted to fuck her. LAME. Also he was totally filrting with her when they were "working" together alone.

Shoe Guy: that's the teacher who is like the best teacher you've ever had, but I feel like he has a really bad life. Honestly. His glee club are his best friends/kids and when he goes home nothing is going right for him. That's how I see him. Oh and the dumb girl totally wants to gte with him

Basically this show has a lot of sex in it, i guess?

P.S. I'm adding what I think the Glee Project new Characters will be:3

Damian<3: Cute new freshamn that everyone loves. He has nothing wrong with him other then he's shy and he has no confedience. Also he's pretty damn cute. And he is loved by all. Especially Hannah and me.

Samuel: BADDDDDD BOYYYYYY! With a soft side. He's the one that people can't seem to make friends because of what he looks like, but when someone does finally break the skin. They fall in love.

Punk Ass Bitch: 'Nuff said.

Alex: He WILL be in drag no doutb about it. But I like that, I feel like he will be BIG Black Girls best friend OR frienemey OR sister. One of those. But he/she will just be a big Diva who learns to love.

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