Q: Is it true that since you've started a blog you'll become a Hipster like Aaron Newton?

A: No.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hipsters swap stories and pants sizes.

So I HATE my stupid study hall. It's so dumb. It's full of dumb freshman. And usually I dont mind freshman, I'm just kinda like whatever. But this class is full of the bad kind. Honestly. The kids in front of me are football players. Freshman Football Players. Go Baby Raiders. But they are just the typical dumb-ass, annoying as hell, LOUD, no nothing,- hold that thought. My study hall teacher (Bennie) just walked by and I changed the screen to Forever 21 (which is awesome) and RIGHT as i did that Forever 21 was convenletly advertising their bras and panties. He saw. We made eye contact. It was awkward. Now we just talked to me about clothes and school. KILL ME NOW.
    Anyways, back to how much (more) I hate my study hall. There are these freshman girls kinda close to me and two of them are okay, but the third one.. OH MY GOD. Can you say white-trash? Yup, that's her. All she does is talk about how much she hates everything. Like school, and homework, and how she hates the teacher... To his face. But the other day she was talking about how for breakfast she had: A Red Bull. Mountian Dew. Then finally, a Monster. How is she still alive? Let's call her Amber. It fits. Anyways, she literally just screamed "Bitch". And the teacher laughed. WHAT THE HELL, BENNIE? what.the.hell. Now she's all like blah blah blah "I ain't laud Teacher Guy!" Oh and she's "speaking" ("trying" to) French. It sounds terrible beyond belief. Oh, and she looks just like how you think she would. Dyed "Black" hair. pulled back in a ponytail with a dirty headband. Shitty Hollister shirt. And really bad make-up. I hate my fucking study hall, and people.
   On a positive note, yeah...

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