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Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I've noticed in my LA experience.

This post is ALL about what I've noticed and seen in LA. Even though I've only been here for a short while I feel like i understand the WHOLE city.
     First thing I've noticed when I got to LA was that here I am a MINORITY. Isn't that crazy?! When I'd look out of my window all I saw where Korean and Hispanic people! I'm not gonna lie, I was REALLY uncomfortable and kinda scary at first. But now that I think about it, I feel like I'm a shiny Pokemon! Ya know those bastard Pokemon who you can NEVER find and are supposed to be like a different colors and better? Yeah, that's how I feel out here!
      The next thing is Scooters. Remember those things you always wanted for Christmas when you were like 7 and your parents were like, "Hell no, Little Peter." And then when you were 9 you asked again and they were still like, "Hell no, Average Sized Peter." Then Christmas morning you found one under the tree and you were like, "GOD DAMMIT! My own parents pulled the wool over my eyes!" but you didn't care, you had a poor man's skateboard. Those are totally hip here! I've seen at least 30 ! Make that 30+ I just heard like three go by. It's like Scooter Gang City here. It's awesome. I've told Caroline to get one, but she's not buyin' it... yet.
       The last thing for tonight (because I'm tar'd) is that everywhere you turn you're lookin' for some celebrity. Let's say you see a good looking white fellow with kind of a short hair cut. You'll be like, " OMG I JUST SAW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!" Then that same guy happens to turn around because he looks at some crazy man yelling next to you, "OMFG JT TOTALLY CHECKED ME OUT." *tweets about it* Then you see a black guy and you're like, "WILL SMITH!" But after awhile you figure out that celebrities are a myth just like a stable relationship on 16 12 & Pregnant.
    So that's what I've noticed on my LA adventure, I've seen more but these are the things that really popped out at me. Maybe I'll write the others later. Who knows. Until then, buy a cat.

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