Q: Is it true that since you've started a blog you'll become a Hipster like Aaron Newton?

A: No.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Somthing I know that I will get bored with later on.

Blog, Blog, Blog.  I started a blog. (Obvi) but i don't really know what to write in it. I guess I'll just talk about the same shit I always talk to people about.
        First, you (if anyone will really read this) may be asking about "Hufflepuffin' around" My sister and I joke about my Harry Potter House all the time. (Hufflepuff, Go Badgers!) We joke about how most people in Hufflepuff are well...different. So we talk about Hufflepuffin' around! It's just like walkin' around. Jokin' around. stuff like that. I thought it was hilarious so I put it as the title.
   I don't know what to talk about so I'll start off the first post with 5 interesting facts about me. (I'm so original for doing this, not... Kill me now.)
       1. I have an unhealthy love for Kevin Bacon and Zooey Deschanel. Every time I see him somewhere I'm like, "I.LOVE.HIM." He is a fantastic actor and musician. (He's a musician, who knew! Well I do because I know a lot about him.) Best movie of his: Tremors, THEN Footloose. And then Zooey. First off, I had her hair style before here. I'M a real burnette, she's not. I had the hair FIRST. But I still love her with all of my heart... too much. Best movie: duh, 500 days.
      2. I don't wash my hair for a week at a time. It's true, but it's true because I CANNOT wash it more then once a week. I've tried washing my hair everyday before and my hair gets reallllly brittle and it frizzes and breaks and looses it's color and it's just no good. So once a week hair wash for me! NOTE: I take showers everyday, calm down.
     3. My two favorite show as of right now (until New Girl starts and that are still on the air, Arrested Development...) are The Glee Project and Bob's Burgers. Before you think, "WTF GLEE? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? I HATE GLEE SO NOW I HATE YOU." I just want to say I like the Glee PROJECT not so much GLEE. I've seen like four episodes of Glee and it just doesn't really entertain me, but I do like some of their voices, you cannot deny their talent. But I like the GP because it just looks like a lot of fun! And their voices are sooooo good. I wish I had a good voice.. And now Bob's Burgers. It's hilarious! I bet you haven't even heard of it! (I put on my Hipster glasses for that one.) It's just a witty cartoon about a family running a burger joint. I love it and quote it alllll the time.
    4. Cinnamon Rolls are gross.
    4 (and a half.) I'm really bad at blogs. I'm sorry this is dumb and whatever, but I promise they will be better! I just didn't know how to start it out!
    5. When I was little I had a huge crush on Luke Skywalker and all the little girls made fun of me because I liked him instead of a Disney prince. They used to make so much fun of me that I would go home and cry sometimes. That's when I decided to keep my love for things out of the norm to myself. That is until sophmore year! I like who I am now! And I'm going to keep liking whatever I want, no matter who you are. Because I'm Liz Johnson!
So that's it. I guess, I really do promise that the next ones will be A LOT better. So maybe keep reading when I post them?

Go do something awesome.



  1. I love you Liz! Once I get done formatting my blog, we'll be blog buddies :)
    (also, I feel comfortable admitting to you that I also like the Glee Project. Something that everyone makes fun of me for.)

  2. blog buddies! Also, yes, yes and yes. We're going to have to watch it together from now on.