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A: No.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sometimes I dream of never becoming an adult. All the time.

I mean it. Half of the adults in my life are just like the ones you see in movies. Oppressive, angry, and snarky. I CAN'T even believe adults sometimes. I know this may sound like a teenaged rant about how they "don't understand me", but it's not. It's about how adults just don't listen to kids, and they sure as hell don't listen to teens. Sure, I'm 17, I'm still a child. I can see that. I understand I have a lot to learn in my future. I can ADMIT to it. Other's cannot.
         But really? Come on adults. Albert Einstein was right, sometimes kids are brighter then adults. Like right now in study hall the teachers are terrible. The lady teacher, who no one knows the name too we'll call her Mrs. Yellington. She was just yelling at kids (me included!) about how we were supposed to check our names off on the RIGHT side of the paper. Not the left. The paper was blank. We're obvi gonna write on the left side! THAT'S NATURAL. But no, we got in trouble because we couldn't read her mind.
       Then there are parents. My dad has never once said he was sorry for making me cry, or hurting my feelings. Believe me, I'm waiting for the day he does apologize. I hate how I'm wrting this because it makes me sound so angry, but I am, I mean I still love my parents no matter what! don't think I don't, they're pretty cool when we're all getting along.     BUT
         My dad grounded me because I stood up for myself. (How wrong is that?) Yeah I said some mean things, but he said some mean things too. But he won't admit to them. He called me a twit one time, right? (hahahahaha dad language.) and the next day I was like why did you call me that? And he was like, "No, I didn't. Don't make things up, Elizabeth." OH MAN. That got my goat. I SWEAR i didn't make this up.
     Then one time we got mad at each other and I yelled at him and he yelled at me. And with him being an older male his voice really powers over mine, and like two minutes later he was like, "you just yelled at me! I don't need that." And I was like, "You yelled at me too. Even louder, why do I deserve that?" And ya know what he said? "Well you did deserve it. You're just a child.Young children need yelling at." OH.MY.GOD. I honestly almost left the house and went to my friends. I'm 17, I shouldn't be called a young child. I have pride too, Goddamn it. But I couldn't do anything to defend myself, and I guess that's what hurts the most.
       I have things to say, important things sometimes. Listen to me sometime. When I do become an adult I swear that I will take what my child says into consideration. I won't put them down for being a teen. I will admit to things when I do them wrong. I will say I'm sorry. They have ideas and opinions. I'll respect them. I'll remember where I came from; I got to being an adult from being a child.

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