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A: No.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honestly. I hate being sick.

So I'm sick and I don't feel like doing much because I have zero ideas for a blog. Also I'm definiatly emotionaly unstable... becasue I'm sick as a dog. I feel bad for the people around me, I hope they don't get sick. Oh well. They should move so I have room. These bitches be up in my skirt. I NEED SPACE.
     Anyway, I'm just gonna piggyback offa Joey's blog. A list of cool thing. Thanks Joey, I really hope you don't mind.

1. Half the time I'm alive I'm angry.
2. I like fashion but I don't really like modern fashion. I like vintage with a twist.
3. Maybe I'm not the perfect school person but I have common sense that it through the roof.
4. I'm not a sexual person. It's kinda whatever.
5. I don't like Tim Tebow. ONLY because he is trying to bring God and Jesus onto the football field. Everyone knows God and JC hate football. They're more of a baseball family. ( LA Angels Fans. Duh.)
6. I feel like most people don't know that I am a talented artist.
7. When I was little I made up songs about how much I hated my sister. And I sang them to strangers.
8. I secretly like leggings as pants. (as long as the shirt covers your butt and your money maker.)
9. I work really, really hard but I never get the anything I want to get accomplished.
10. I have to go to Purdue. It's a family tradition I can't let drop.
11. My Grandpa (My dad's dad) is one of my heros. I wish I could have known him longer.
21. I'm kinda have dyslexia sometimes.
13. If you caught that last one, then I'll give you a high five. I love high fives.
14. I don't regret what I've done in the past.
15. I like boy things. (Xbox, cars, burping, ect.) Not because I'm boyish. But because I like to be myself.
16. Back to the art thing. My family (my father's side) Like to joke about how my Great-Grandmother had the art skills. then my aunt, then me. It's like our skills were passed down. And I love that.
17. On my mother's side we have a long list of (factual) reasons why were closely related to Jesus. People laugh at me and tell me I'm dumb and that could never be. But it could very well be.
18. Last time I counted I had around 50+ shoes. I wear only half.
19. I love books. A lot.
20. Sometimes people think of me as really dumb or not aware of the world. But I'm not dumb. I know.
21. My sister and I are pretty good friends now. And I think that's awesome.
22. I've only ever dated three boys. And I'm okay with that!
23. My cousin, Madison, is more like a best friends to me then a cousin.
24. I once went a whole year in preschool where I would only wear dresses. "Pants are for boys."
25. I love folk music. Banjos, fiddles, and hermonicas are the best.

I could go on, but it's taken me like four class hours to finish this. Damn school takin' up my time. So when I'm better again I'll be more original. Until then. I leave you with a picture of Fionna and Cake.

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