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A: No.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kittens and Poodles! I haven't blogged in forever...

So as the title says... I have not blogged in forever. This is partly due to my homework load and my laziness. I may have spelled that wrong, but I don't care. Anywho. I feel as though I own my blog a blog which is what I'm doing right now.
      Even right now I'm being totally distracted from this blog by cute baby animals. Which I've found a picture that pretty much sums up my life with a cat and a pair of stilettos. Which makes me think of what I've been doing a lot lately: Online fashion stuff. I've gotten myself so far into the fashion that I feel as though it is impossible to get out! But I don't mind. Even now as we "speak" I'm looking at Chris Benz collection. Which is fantastic by the way... Also the kid across from me is listening to Justin Bieber. Which is funny because this kid LOVES metal. I always hear it from his headphones, I think he thinks that no one can hear him, but I;m listening to a Pink Floyd song, so for the first minute and a half... I can hear it. Way to go kid, JB FTW.
      I'm getting way off topic, oh well, it's my blog and I can say what I want! Such as this school year has gone by WAY too slow (Right Julia?) We're both Juniors and this is the worst year ever, and it's going by at like .3 mph! I hate it, it should be over now. But when it does end like half of my friends are going to be gone! Like Joey! (Look! I did a blog!) And worst of all my boyfriend is going to be gone! It's gonna be really wear to not see Brant everyday. But I guess it's just something that happens.
            So I was gonna add a picture but this laptop is being dumb. So go and look at pictures of cats, which is what I was going to post.

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