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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Got 99 Problems, and A Pug Ain't One.

So we all know that I have a cute "little" dog. Just kidding he's HUGE! I guess that's what you get when you get a weimaraner. But Luke is so dang cute. I can't even contain myself from squeeing to his cuteness! But I was thinking about his name today and why I named him Luke. I named him Luke after the great Jedi who saved us from the evils of the Empire.
       As I was thinkging of that I took my dog for a walk on campus (which is a zoo today!) and I saw a cute little pug from some ladies window and I remembered a shirt I saw one time with a pug on the front and it said "Notorious P.U.G."

So that got me thinkin' of AWESOME pug rapper names. Here's my list, so far:
1. Notorious P.U.G. (duh)
2. Puggy Smalls
3. Tupug Shakur
4. T. Pug
5. Snoop Puggy Pug
6. P.u.G (B.o.B got it?)
7. LL Cool P. (Ladies Love Cool Pug.)
8. Bow Wow (I know it doesn't have "pug" in it, but it works!)
9. Puggi Mane
10. Pug Z (kinda?)
11. PWA (Pugs With Attitude. this would be the name of my gang of dancing pugs.)

so those are my pug names, and I will sometime get a pug and name it one of these names! And when I do, it will be the highlight of my life. Well, now I just a pug more then ever...

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