Q: Is it true that since you've started a blog you'll become a Hipster like Aaron Newton?

A: No.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

Oh Coco, it's like you know where I'm coming from. ( from where I'm coming.) But this whole post is like an ode to fashion. Something that everyone loves; especially me! Even when I was little I was so into fashion. Mostly dresses. That was my thing. When I was in preschool I would only wear dresses, I wouldn't wear pants because, "pants were for boys!" Wasn't I a little cutie? Also when I was a child my mom thought about putting me into baby/toddler modeling because I loved looking great and mixing clothes. (I also had the attitude when I needed to.) So back to real fashion: first of course, is the line I've loved since I was little...

Chanel: Is there anything more classic? No. No there is not. Coco Chanel is like the Queen of fashion. Everyone knows her name, and I mean she has a movie mad after her! Modern Chanel is beautiful and well, classic! And I mean Karl Lagerfeld is the head of it right now. KARL.LAGERFELD. Er kommt aus Deutschland! Sehr cool, nein? Chanel has everything you would ever need. Clothes (duh), jewels (amazing), and sunglasses/glasses (LOVE.) Oh Chanel, if I had the money I would live in your silky white shops and wear everything.

Burberry: Everytime I get on this website I cry. Everything I see on there I want. Their trench coats made them famous and they continue to make the best. (I've found like 7 that are calling my name.) Oh, and their bags. DON'T even get me started on their bags. I've wanted a Burberry famous checks bag since the sixth grade. And I would get one... if they weren't $1,000... Someday I'll have one... someday...

Louis Vuitton: Louis V, Louis V, Louis V. You've been in my life since before I was born. In the form of my mom's handbag. She has a vintage Louis Vuitton handbag that I've been wearing around the house since I was a little baby. And I just want one of my own. I also obesses look around their website during school. Again, money is the problem. (That's the case for all of these. Damn money, it makes you blue as hell. You're welcome Holden Caulfield.) But there is only one thing I want from Louis Vuitton. A bag like my mom's, but NOT a handbag. Just a little bigger.

Ray Bans: THIS. I have! My Wayfarer's! The love of my fashion wardrobe! However, I would really, really, really, really, really love some optical galsses from there. I've looked everywhere for the perfect pair, and I think I've found them.. To be continued!

Alexander McQueen: For simple, elegant clothing this is what I want. Even though I'm not into the whole skull stuff, I'm totally into the simple yet trendy colors and cuts that me has. But to be honest, his clothing is more for when I get older.

Chris Benz: The love of my fashion life. The hem to my too long pants. The pearls to my Audrey Hepburn. I love this guy. His fashion is just so... me! Everything that I would do if I had the talent, is what he does! I just love looking at his collections. I've literally looked everywhere online to buy something from him. (I've found some in Chicago.) But I just absolutly love everything he makes. Oh fashion world, you are too cruel.

So I'm really tired and I know there is more sites (much...more..) but until the next time I get on here, you'll just have to wait. Hahahah, not hard right?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Got 99 Problems, and A Pug Ain't One.

So we all know that I have a cute "little" dog. Just kidding he's HUGE! I guess that's what you get when you get a weimaraner. But Luke is so dang cute. I can't even contain myself from squeeing to his cuteness! But I was thinking about his name today and why I named him Luke. I named him Luke after the great Jedi who saved us from the evils of the Empire.
       As I was thinkging of that I took my dog for a walk on campus (which is a zoo today!) and I saw a cute little pug from some ladies window and I remembered a shirt I saw one time with a pug on the front and it said "Notorious P.U.G."

So that got me thinkin' of AWESOME pug rapper names. Here's my list, so far:
1. Notorious P.U.G. (duh)
2. Puggy Smalls
3. Tupug Shakur
4. T. Pug
5. Snoop Puggy Pug
6. P.u.G (B.o.B got it?)
7. LL Cool P. (Ladies Love Cool Pug.)
8. Bow Wow (I know it doesn't have "pug" in it, but it works!)
9. Puggi Mane
10. Pug Z (kinda?)
11. PWA (Pugs With Attitude. this would be the name of my gang of dancing pugs.)

so those are my pug names, and I will sometime get a pug and name it one of these names! And when I do, it will be the highlight of my life. Well, now I just a pug more then ever...